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Enabling student success on the go with Bb Student.

Bb student was created based on principles that came out of design research focused on how students prepare for their coursework. Specifically, we wanted to design a lightweight solution that focused on helping students identify what needs to be done in the short-term; provide access to content for on the go viewing; provide nudges and reminders related to new instructor provided content and grades to engage students; create a relatively flat architecture that would allow for easy navigation and to only the most important sections for mobile; and to do so all in a way that would bring delight and reduce student anxiety.

Since starting at Blackboard, I have led feature development for sections of the Bb Student app – from initial concept wires to high fidelity comps and animation studies. Specifically, I led design for Due Dates, Discussions (student forums), 3rd Party Content Integration (to allow students to upload content for assignments), Offline Content, New Feature FTUEs, and revisions to course details, assessments, student “stream”, and internationalized content loading for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Our typical process for product development at Blackboard is to combine generative research results and design ideas with product market needs create concepts and then specific feature priorities. For any specific feature, I typically went through a process of ideation, reflection and review, and iteration – with each stage (wireframes, visuals, animation studies) repeating at higher level of fidelity until design complete. During reflection and review, I worked with other designers, developers, and product managers to get feedback that would allow me to take the design forward. At the end of each process, my goal was to test an example native build to gain final feedback before release.

Example Wireframe Flows and Visual Designs.

A student adds a response to a discussion post.

A student submits a mobile quiz.

Redlines: student profile card creation.

Redlines: Course details.

Redlines: Calendar deadline view (tablet).

Interaction study: calendar deadlines.

Interaction study: end of a remote video conference session.

Interaction study: Content loading sequences.