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Periodically during my tenure at Blackboard, I’ve engaged in the planning, scoping, and conducting of design research initiatives to help our team gain a purview into key issues facing students and institutions.

Marketplace Research: Opportunities to Increase Student Retention and Career Success.

In 2014, I was asked to investigate the factors that affect student attrition and employment outcomes. In concert with other designers, we created a research plan to be a carried out at a University system in the southern United States. We conducted 40 contextual inquiries and observational sessions with provosts, academic administrators, enrollment officers, career service professionals, mental health counselors, and students.

Our research led to 5 major insights around opportunities for design. For each opportunity, I created a product vision with scenarios, wireframes, and high fidelity comps to demonstrate their potential.

I investigate the student information systems advisors use to track the academic performance of students.

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Understanding Student Debt: Opportunities to Fundamentally Change How Students Learn About and Relate to Debt.

In 2016, our team began the exploration of financial aid and loan debt related functionality. I led a team to investigate how students conceptualize debt and how it affects their behavior. This included planning the research, creating the discussion guides and participatory activities, managing research logistics, conducting interviews, synthesizing the research, and developing the final presentations that were socialized throughout the Blackboard organization.

Conducting an activity where participants document the their spending behaviors and reflect on emotions and category importance in light of debt obligations.

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